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“The best of you is yet to come this I know. You know that life is sweet if you like to see it that way.”
Ard Matthews
The Impossible Machine - TIM (Formerly Howard Davis) is a classic wooden sailing vessel built by the SA Navy in 1966 and is now proudly owned & operated by renowned South African singer/ songwriter, producer and lead singer of Just Jinjer, ARD Matthews.

In 2010 ARD got his CS Yachtmaster License with the intention of one day fulfilling a dream that instantly ignites the imagination of almost anyone who has ever had their own hopes of setting out on epic adventures across the seas.

TIM will represent a constant voyage of hope and ocean-saving initiatives and will naturally join the fight to reduce global warming and plastic pollution. Especially in this day and age she will preach about the importance of strengthening the immune system by educating people about the powerful properties that have always existed in nature.

She will change the lives, for the good, of all she encounters, even if just to present an alternative, positive mind set to people from all walks of life, to remind them that all is not lost and that as we grow older, so too may we become just a little bit wiser and free’er than we were the day before.

ARD has spent the best part of a year restoring TIM back to her former glory with the aim of having her cruise ready to set sail and head east as soon as the early 2021. See his Facebook page to see the recent lockdown fundraisers performed on his roof, which have been streamed across the world.

ARD is building a custom studio on the boat in order to carry on with his mostly charitable efforts, all the while documenting every enchanted encounter for the world to see.
Technical Specifications
  • Construction: Mahogany on Oroko frames
  • Length overall: 66 ft
  • Length waterline: 58 ft
  • Gross tonnage: 53.65
  • Ballast: 16 ton lead keel
  • Original compliment: 3 Officers and 12 Ratings
  • Main Engine: 215 hp, 6 Cylinder John Deere
  • Fuel Capacity: 3800L
  • Sail area: +/- 200sqm =
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